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Prolite CRM is a customer management system for small business, industry peak bodies and membership organisations.
Prolite CRM is Open Source. No user licenses, no limitations.


Track all your customer profile information and interactions in one easy-to-use contact screen. Add unlimited user-defined fields and custom interaction forms. Easily assign #hashtags and @groups.

Product Sales

Manage your product catalogue with full order processing facilities, special pricing, upload product images,  print invoices and packing slips, manage stock and export transactions to your finance system.


Process online membership application and renewals, align start dates, automatic renewal invitations, recurring billing, auto tier advancing, optional application fees, assign member roles and benefits.


Fully automated subscription management system for journals, magazines, mailing lists, web site access, special discounts on products, entry to training programs and subscriber benefits.


Sell tickets to your annual national or state conference, multiple pricing tiers, multi-day passes, special member pricing, access materials.


Online event registration system for fundraising events, workshops, lectures, education programs, face to face and online training.


Provide access to training courses using Moodle LMS plugins for enrolments and attendance, event participants and member benefits.


Maintain records of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), print certificates of attendance for training and event participants.

Prolite CRM uses the same technology platform as Wordpress.
If you can run Wordpress, you can run Prolite CRM.

Our Philosophy

We created Prolite CRM because there was simply no affordable CRM available for small membership-based organisations.

There are many commercial CRM products on the market but they are either limited by expensive pay-by-the-month user licenses, have limited functionality that requires multiple third-party plugins, or require specialist programming skills to adapt limitations to your needs.

That's why our philosophy is 'Unlimited'. Prolite CRM is designed to be easy to use with an intuitive user interface and fast customisation. Easily add new custom fields, forms, reports and data extracts through an easy to use web-based administration console.

With no per-user software licenses, you can make Prolite CRM available to everyone in your organisation without incurring additional overhead costs.

Developers will find the Open Source architecture makes it easy to integrate Prolite CRM with custom-built applications. Prolite CRM runs on any PHP/MySQL hosting environment with zero dependencies, meaning you can run Prolite CRM on any cPanel or Windows IIS hosting in-house or in the Cloud alongside your existing web site.

Who can use Prolite CRM?

If you are still managing your customer database in spreadsheets or a custom built desktop database application, Prolite CRM is for you. It is easy to install, inexpensive to run, and you gain the ongoing benefit of new features and regular product updates.

  • Membership Organisations - Manage all of your membership needs including join process, new member approval, renewals, overdues and resignations. Assign roles and service provisioning to different member types. Supports weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual renewals with recurring billing capability. Track your member lifecycle for acquisition, reactivation, interstate transfer, suspension and retirements.
  • Professional Associations - Use Prolite CRM to manage Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records and enrol members in training modules. Interface with your online learning system to automatically record CPD on your member records.
  • Clubs and Sporting Groups - Use Prolite CRM to manage your members and participant engagement. Use interaction records to track attendance, register enquiries and create custom forms for any information you want to capture. Register participants for special events and sell event tickets online. Export data using built-in tools direct to spreadsheet.
  • Training Organisations - Sell courses and training modules online with full invoicing and enrolment functionality. Use Prolite CRM to manage your training participants, capture regulatory compliance information and produce compliance reports. Export participant lists to CSV or interface to your online learning system for automatic enrolments.
  • Online Retailers - Sell products online using the feature-packed shopping cart system. Supports retail and member pricing, special pricing, discounts for specific member types or event participants, discount coupons, gift cards, shipping calculator and quotations. Upload multiple product photos per product. Special features for book resellers include ISBN, format, pages, volume, synopsis and table of contents. Includes manual invoice entry for phone and email orders. Print invoices and packing slips directly to PDF.

Development Roadmap

Prolite CRM is designed to integrate all your customers, memberships, subscriptions, sales, events, training and education in one easy-to-use system.

Our development roadmap takes the Use Cases and User Stories from existing customers and participants in our Early Adopter Program to identify new functionality requirements.

The initial release of Prolite CRM focused on providing baseline functionality for Customers, Product Sales, Membership and Subscriptions modules. Development efforts were then focused on increasing Events, Training and Reporting functionality.

We are currently developing a fully integrated Online Electronic Form system. A simple drag-and-drop interface will quickly create online forms for your web site that capture data directly into Prolite CRM and then initiate a workflow to process that form. This will allow you to easily create customised forms with unlimited custom fields.

Other new features on the development roadmap include email capture, allowing Prolite CRM to automatically store copies of email sent to and from your customers.

If you have a new feature you would like to see included in our General Release, please send through a support request and we will consider that feature for priority development.


Prolite CRM is designed to be easy to configure.

You can have an unlimited number of custom fields for customer profiles, easily customise the options on all drop-down lists, and create your own Interaction records with an unlimited number of custom fields to capture any sort of customer data.

Site configuration allows the behaviour of the system to be matched to your country and region. Configuration backup and restore functionality allowing you to import pre-defined configurations to suit your type of organisation.

Many field labels can be modified to suit your organisation's terminology. For example you can change "Member Number" to "Customer ID" or change "Branch" to "Chapter". International multi-language support is in development for a future General Release.

Prolite CRM is fully open source meaning that all source code can be completely reviewed and modified to suit your exact requirements. All source code can be reviewed for your comfort around security, encryption and authentication functionality.

While Prolite CRM is open source and can be modified by your programmers, we will always prefer to build your desired functionality into the core release. If you do make changes to the product, please let us know so that we can incorporate those changes in the General Release to ensure an easy future upgrade path for your organisation.

If Prolite CRM does not seem to meet a particular requirement of your organisation, contact our support team and we will add your requirement to our development roadmap. If you have an urgent requirement and have purchased a support package, you can use your prepaid support hours to sponsor priority development of that feature.

Early Adopter Program

Join our Early Adopter Program!

Participants in our Early Adopter program provide essential feedback on our latest software release and help identify opportunities for improvement.

Participating organisations receive a free Gold Support Package for the first 12 months. Early Adopter participants get free installation, configuration, data migration and priority technical support.

To qualify for our Early Adopter Program your organisation must:

1. Be a membership-based organisation, not-for-profit or industry peak body
2. Provide detailed feedback of your experience using the software
3. Be willing to give a reference to potential new customers of Prolite CRM
4. Not use Prolite CRM in a mission-critical capacity for the first 12 months.

Early Adopter participants receive the latest Agile Release Candidate version ahead of General Release versions. The Release Candidate version includes new functionality and bug fixes, but is not as widely tested in the community. For this reason, Early Adopters must be willing to accept potential failure of the software for a brief time without critical impact on business operations, and ensure robust backup strategies.

In exchange for helping to improve our product, your functional needs and suggestions for new features receive development priority in the next General Release.

Optional Technical Support Packages
  • FREE VERSION - Unlimited user licenses, no limitations. Register your email address and contact details to receive a download link by email automatically within a few minutes. Technical Support is available from our online User Guide and FAQ resources.
  • BASIC SUPPORT - €500 EUR per year. For small organisations with minimal revenue, this package offers access to non-priority online technical support on a best-effort basis.
  • SILVER SUPPORT - €2 500 EUR per year. Includes installation, configuration, 12 hours of email technical support, same-day incident acknowledgement and 5 day resolution time.
  • GOLD SUPPORT - €5 000 EUR per year. Includes installation, configuration, import of existing customer and product data, 16 hours of email technical support, 4 hours of phone technical support, same-day incident acknowledgement and 3 day resolution.
  • PLATINUM SUPPORT - €10 000 EUR per year.  Includes installation, configuration, import of existing customer and product data, online payment gateway installation, 20 hours of priority email technical support, 8 hours of phone technical support, priority incident acknowledgement within 4 hours and priority incident resolution within 24 hours. Platinum Support customers also receive priority escalation of new feature requests into the next available Release Candidate to ensure we support your future operational needs.

All pricing is given in Euros (EUR €). Local currency invoicing is available in United States (US $), United Kingdom (GBP £) and Australia (AUD $) at the exchange rate equivalent. Taxes and foreign currency exchange rates may apply at the time of purchase.

Technical Support packages may be used by any nominated person or persons within your organisation, and can be used across multiple sites sharing the same product installation. If you have multiple installations, your need to purchase multiple support packages for each installation that requires support. Prolite CRM is supported in the English language.

Unlimited Contacts

Manage as many customers, contacts, suppliers and sales leads as you need. No restrictions on the number of contacts. Prolite CRM is tested to support over a million customer records.

Unlimited Users

No monthly user license that restricts who in your organisation can service your customers. With Prolite CRM, everyone has free access and there are no ongoing fees per user.

Unlimited Sites

Prolite CRM supports multiple sites for one customer database, so your National and State offices can all access customer records with no additional user or site license required.

Prolite CRM is Open Source. No user licenses, no limitations.

Get Prolite CRM Unlimited Professional

Download Prolite CRM now. Installs in minutes on cPanel Linux Web Hosting or Microsoft Windows IIS 2012 R2+ virtual servers. Requires minimum PHP 5.6+ and MySQL/MariaDB 5.7+.

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